Listen Little Man – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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Little man, for some ten years now, you have been taking the reins of the world into your own hands. The future of humanity will depend on your thoughts and your actions. But your teachers and masters don’t tell you about the way you think. They don’t tell you who you are. No one dares to confront you with the one reality that can make you the master of your destiny. You are “free” in one sense: Free from self-criticism, which can help you command your life…I’ll tell you why they laugh at you, human. Your reasoning always misses the point. If your thinking were focused on the essence, you would have become the master of your life long ago. Wilhelm Reich (Listen Man – 1953) – In a few words: “You are not a loved man; they despise you because you hate yourself. They know you inside and out. They know your worst weaknesses, as you should. They sacrificed you to a symbol, and you gave them the power to dominate you. You declared them your bosses and supported them even though they threw away their masks. They told him to his face: “You are and will always be inferior to the circumstances, incapable of taking the slightest responsibility.” And you call them guides and saviors and shout, “live, live.”

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