Immigrants, Slaves, Multiculturalism – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph. D.)

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Today, an argument has been developed that proves and convinces only the following: that the International Conventions guarantee immunity to the movements of “immigrants/slaves” by slave traders, which demonstrates that the New Order consciously pursues the free practice of the slave trade to produce “slaves,” for the satisfaction of profit and above all the vice of power.

It also proves that Globalization aims to catalyze peoples’ cultures and cultural identities by building a “Babel” because each people’s culture makes up their individuality and ontological essence, guaranteeing freedom and democracy for man in society. Masses of people with economic existence alone are produced by catalyzing civilizations and cultural identities. Thus the New Order’s plan for a “Market Society” is realized—a society without ontological substance, a society of stupid consumers manipulated by power.

The New Order of Things and its affiliated sub-systems openly promote the idea that nation-states are “done” and that anyone with such sentiments is a reactionary element (a Fascist).

Another invention of the modern Sophists and Demagogues is the term “Multicultural Society.” It is sophistry behind which the pursuit of coercion is hidden in an ”Apolitism Society of the Market, i.e., of monopolies and power.”

A multicultural society is what we had before the New Order. The French are French, the Italians are Italians, the Spanish are Spanish, the Syrians are Syrians, and the Iraqis are Iraqis. Civilizations as old and significant as Babylon, as the Great Wall of China, solid nationalities to have the “critical mass” needed to maintain and produce culture, identity, ontological existence, and continuous march towards light and truth.

There is no more fascist and reactionary tool for the enslavement of Man than the abolition of Civilizations by the construction of an Uncivilized Market Society through the Demagoguery of the so-called Multicultural Society, a goal which is also pursued through the slave traders who play – with the uncompensated – the dirty game of Globalization through the production of transported enslaved people.


Georgios Ardavanis – 23/02/2023

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