Where are diplomacy and the UN? – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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Amidst the rubble, a Ukrainian mother screams and grieves heartbreakingly for her only son (23 years old), who died in the hell of this war conflict. I don’t believe the American, French, Greek, or Polish mother would choose to be the Ukrainian mother.

Emotional funeral for the Russian mother whose son’s remains have only recently been identified.

This is the latest news from the front for thousands of mothers in Ukraine and Russia. Do people even care? Where has humanity gone? Even though they know that this war will not end the way Joe and the industrial complex want it to, they distort the news and the facts and send the youth to Hades.

Why didn’t President Biden immediately take up the phone and ask President Putin what he was doing? What’s the purpose of this? Can we discuss it?

Why didn’t President Joe Biden speak with President Vladimir Putin before Russia decided to deploy its military in Ukraine?

Furthermore, let’s say never mind all the bloodshed and financial hemorrhaging. Is US approval or rejection required for any peace plan or ceasefire for Ukraine? Such an approach could not be considered intelligent. Indeed, is this a manifestation of American exceptionalism that the USA must approve everything happening everywhere? This tentative American exceptionalism started at first with Madeleine Albright in her discussion with Colin Powell in 1992, insisting that the USA is an indispensable nation. That is, nothing can happen anywhere on the planet without the USA’s participation. And although most of what happens beyond the American borders on any given day is entirely irrelevant to the American people. Yet, in the Ukraine case, the USA clarified that they are not favorably inclined to a peace or cease of fire between Ukraine and Russia. If the USA was ready to bring peace to the region, they should have said we would study and respond regarding the Chinese peace plan. That would cost nothing to the USA while at the same time would demonstrate an excellent diplomatic face and language.

The Chinese peace plan motives for closing the war are mainly economic. Everything that China is about is economic expansion and building prosperity. The Chinese want to build one belt road that runs from the East coast of China to Europe. To do that, the Chinese must cross through Central Asia and then through Russia, Ukraine, and White Russia to the European market. Chinese and Europeans want mutually to increase the trade between the two parties. The Chinese want to travel through Central Asia since all their business (oil, gas, natural resources, minerals, and food) happens through the sea. Everything has to come out of East Africa or the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Iran via ships through the strait of Malacca up through the South China Sea to Chinese ports. That means they are thousands of miles vulnerable to the mighty US Navy. And the Chinese do not want to be susceptible to the American Navy.

Today, it seems there are no high-level voices (CIA, Secretary of the State Department, Secretary of Defence) to inform the US decision-makers to stop this war and prevent the Ukrainian massacre. Are they corrupted? Are they realists? Is there any humanity in them? Regrettably, all top US officials in the military, federal bureaucracy and State Department have largely compromised while simultaneously endangering the lives of innocent young men, families, and children in conjunction with Ukraine’s independence.

 Georgios Ardavanis – 22/03/2023

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