21st Century Values for Success – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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The world is changing, in my opinion, and those who firmly uphold virtues like diligence, consciousness, and discipline will prosper in the new economy. I hear a lot of talk about entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. In the new, fiercely competitive meritocracy, they are believed to be the distinguishing characteristics that will make the winners and losers. However, I think that the true secrets to success for the majority of us are much more antiquated. They are diligence, conscientiousness, and self-control. I think that 19th-century virtues will be necessary for 21st-century success more than ever.

Education is going to be crucial for both men and women in the twenty-first century. Men and women with low skill levels will, in my opinion, be the largest losers in our environment, although their limitations are frequently not related to their skill levels. It is the absence of the skills and mindset needed for achievement. These are the men and women who are unable to complete their education, put in the necessary effort, follow instructions or refuse rewards, are unreliable, and struggle in group settings. Young hotheads who can’t take commands will, in my opinion, be doomed.

Given that we live in a consumerist world, I believe that self-control is abnormally necessary in this age of abundance. This is because controlling our cravings is a never-ending challenge in this era of extreme wealth. We face temptations every day that are far more sophisticated than we are, not because we lack willpower now as we did in the past. High IQs and self-discipline are frequently correlated. But they are not equivalent. I believe that youngsters in Western societies struggle to make decisions that force them to give up pleasure for something better in the long run.

The key question is how much of the aforementioned ideals may be ingrained in kids, especially in impoverished kids who don’t have the same familial support and other benefits that kids from wealthier households enjoy. This is the new educational holy grail, in my opinion. It also serves as a fantastic starting point for any educational movement that prioritizes discipline, high standards, and character.

In conclusion, the issue of self-control becomes more significant as a society develops. People who possess temperance habits and values, such as diligence, discipline, and conscientiousness, will fare better in the new hyper-meritocracy than in the past, while those who are unable to resist temptation will fare even worse.


Georgios Ardavanis – 21/11/2023

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