Ancient Greek Education – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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It is true that today’s culture favors young people who are one-dimensional, have highly specialized education, and are uninterested in everything but happiness, prosperity, and a successful profession. They favor ignorant, zealous religious fanatics in theocratic nations; these people are the enslaved people of all dictators.

In order to ensure that the goods of their city would not be lost to future generations, the people of ancient Sparta and Athens sacrificed themselves in battle.

This was the outcome of education in ancient Greece. the rise of the next generation and the peaceful, dialectical connection between the people and the government.

Following basic education, classes in geometry, mathematics, physics, astronomy, medicine, rhetoric, philosophy, and various arts were part of higher education.

Young people’s upbringing, education, and reading were highly valued in ancient Greece. Experience, and the one-dimensional education that is a subset of education, are the only things that are valued these days. The growth of the body, spirit, and soul—or the acquisition of good and beauty—was the goal of education in ancient Greece. Consequently, the state sought to be composed of responsible adults who were physically and morally well-versed.

Additionally, students in ancient Greece enjoyed going to school, so they were not under the same pressure to perform well on tests and earn competitive scores as students in today’s global educational systems were when they were young.


Georgios Ardavanis – 21/11/2023

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