The US is a quarter of a century out of date – Georgios Ardavanis Ph.D.

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Our world is genuinely multipolar. Today, the BRICS countries are greater than the G7 countries in the world we live in. Even Greece and Turkey desire to join the BRICS. However; such a transition is not acceptable in the US. The US, in my opinion, is a quarter of a century out of date because it still thinks that it will lead the world in the end with two resistant actors—China and Russia—and that everyone else will eventually come to grasp the truth. In addition, Europe is severely let down in this regard, as at this moment, no voice in Europe has a geopolitical view that is even remotely comprehensible.

However, it is unclear what kind of world we are moving toward. The world we live in now may be one marked by intense conflict and natural disasters, or it could be one in which a wise, young American leader declares that we no longer need NATO and that instead, we should resume regular relations with China, Russia, India, Brazil, and the EU. In that case, the world will look very different from what it does now.


Georgios Ardavanis – 19/01/2024


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