A few things about the Trump case – © Georgios Ardavanis Ph.D.

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Is Donald Trump being pursued by the Matrix? Indeed, the legal cases against Trump are complete trash, and they are doing it to try to stop him from getting into power. They don’t want him to be president. They would rather have a president that doesn’t know what is going on. They don’t want to have somebody in charge who cannot buy, bribe, blackmail, or scare. Trump is going to sit there and say I have enough money, I am too old to want more, and I care about my country. Thus, I am going to do what is right for his country and that’s why they try to take him down. It is an utter and complete matrix attack.


The first president to be wiretapped and spied on is Donald Trump. He is the first president to have been twice cleared of impeachment charges. He is the first president to face social media bans and censorship. The FBI raided his residence, making him the first president to do so. He is the first president to face four separate indictments. In a civil case in which no laws were broken, he is the first person and former president to have a court decide unilaterally to impose a $350 million fine in the absence of a jury. All loans were repaid on schedule, and there were no victims. And all of it because they are most afraid of that guy. These are all driven by political considerations. It’s all been part of a seven-year plot to discredit him and his supporters, make him bow, take away his swag, and attack him. The amusing part is that it keeps backfiring.


Trump was squandering tax cash when he claimed that additional funding was required for border security. Trump was a xenophobic, racist Nazi when he threatened to close the border. And, incidentally, so were all those who backed him and desired border security. They were all xenophobic and racist Nazis. And now Joe Biden’s White House wants us to believe that Biden has been requesting this for the entire time. More money. More funding. And that will close the border, even though they claimed for three years that there was no illegal immigration and that the border was safe. This entire thing is a deception. This whole thing is a lie.


Let’s assess America’s justice for Trump. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump lost his legal battle with E. Jean Carroll. That woman is his debt of $90 million. I was raped by Trump, the woman declared. I cannot recall the exact time or location of the sexual assault. Meanwhile, the same woman has created a book about how rape is seductive, titled What do we need males for? Trump called that woman insane. The court concluded that he was not the rapist. He was found guilty of slander, nevertheless.


President Trump never took a paycheck, never got America into a war, lowered taxes, made peace with other countries, and protected American interests.  

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