4th Industrial Revolution – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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Along with the good things of the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR), I think that humanity lives in a dystopian future.

The science behind the 4th IR has turned us into people who love their technical gadgets and slavery.

We live in a society with completely inhuman conditions in which the soul of the masses is ruthlessly manipulated again and again so that people not only accept these conditions but at the same time learn to love them. These should be conditions that people should normally reject and hate.

The spirit now deals with chatter with uninterrupted background music and an unbridled lightness and childishness. The development of thought from now on will be hindered.

Indeed, there has now been ridicule of high ideals.

In conclusion, I think that the 4th Industrial Revolution opened the gates of a scientific dictatorship and unethical practices toward human beings.

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