Covid-19 – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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It appears that the future of humanity is decided in our absence. Until the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, humanity’s urgent problems were how to bring food to the table along with other pressing issues derived from the technology, politics, and religious sectors. The current global world puts unprecedented pressure on humanity’s conduct and morality. Unfortunately, every one of us is trapped within numerous spider webs, which on the one hand, restrict human movements while at the same time transmitting our tiniest jiggle to faraway destinations. The twin revolutions in information technology and biotechnology confront humanity with the most significant challenges our species has ever encountered.
On the one hand, the merger of information technology and biotechnology will push billions of humans out of the job market and undermine liberty and equality while reshaping and re-engineering human life. Big data algorithms might create digital dictatorships in which all power is concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite. At the same time, most people suffer not from exploitation but something far worse, irrelevance. Perhaps the answer to this problem is to reverse the process of globalization and re-empower the nation-state and, why not city states.

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