Greeks Afraid the Technology – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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Greeks are afraid of technology. A Greek statistic on 2,741 adults shows that most of them find no critical reason to use computers, not even if they are given free lessons or the state subsidizes the purchase of the computer. Eurostat statistics show that Greeks are last in Europe concerning computer use and internet connections.
Without computers and the internet, the Greek economy will never be able to pass on the knowledge of science (4th and 5th industrial revolutions) and economy. The Greek economy will remain underdeveloped, dependent on tourism, based on Greece’s excellent geographical position and the assets inherited from our ancient ancestors. In other words, I don’t think the Greek tourist industry has developed any other particular holdings over the years.
Greek author Nikos Dimou in his book “Small Handbook of Rationalism,” answers the following two questions: (1) why the Greeks are afraid of technology, and (2) why they are selectively afraid of technology. For example, the average Greek is not afraid of mobile phones or cars, the top technological achievements. Thus, according to Mr. Dimou:
– Greeks are highly conservative because they have been trained (almost doped) to always look back, to love tradition and the ancients.
– Greeks are insecure. So instead of trying to find out about the new technologies, they completely reject them.
– Due to insecurity, the Greeks are also suspicious. Greeks have learned to consider only spiritual achievement as essential and valuable. Technology is for people with dirty hands. Unfortunately, the average Greek does not understand that technology is also a spiritual creation.
– There is always the resistance of intellectuals. Intellectuals are always conservative. For example, when the telephone was invented, they wrote that human communication would now disappear.
The answer to the second question is that the Greeks do not react to cars and mobile phones because they do not consider their technologies but accessories of modern lifestyle. For example, there are sworn opponents of the computer who have three mobile phones, and when you tell them that they are computers too, they look at you strangely.

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