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Times continue to get more complex. As I stated a few months ago, we are not done with COVID and will certainly not return to the normality we knew. In my opinion, the pandemic is a tool to take specific actions much faster in its name in the new culture of the 21st century. Of course, this does not mean that there is no pandemic and that we should not be careful.

Science and the results of scientific R&D should not be related to politics. Yet, in universities, no course says how to protect citizens. Instead, we learn how to protect financial institutions.
Another problem of our politicians and scientists is that they talk about the good of technological development. Still, they do not discuss the issues that are occurring and have been present for more than 30 years. For example, unemployment, teleworking, telesales, the state of democracy, the change in the economic system, and the global transformation that new technologies will bring. What are the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies? Will there be mass layoffs?

It is predicted that AI, very soon, for a fee, will turn a man into a directed AI artificial structure. Of course, the effects of AI will be significant if the disadvantages of AI on humans are predicted with more precision. Today there is an excellent distance of assimilation between advanced technologies, specifically AI and social people. For example, how will we overcome unemployment? How should our political life be reformed in the new high-tech era? Will social and economic models be lost or reorganized? How do we manage geostrategic problems about the raw materials necessary for 21st-century machines?
Unfortunately, the current socio-politico-economic system is failing. Most economies are weak because of the global socio-politico-economic crisis and the lack of investment. Therefore, the overall productive capacity of these weak economies is seriously ill. Consequently, they cannot produce long-term value-added products and services and, thus, will always be indebted.

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