Atlantic Memories – George Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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In memorandum of my crossing from Europe/Portugal to South America/French Guiana in 2021.

On March 1, 2021, this unsupported voyage started from Portimao/Portugal, bound for Cayenne/French Guiana (3,250 nautical miles or 6,000 km). 

Our rowing boat was a “Rannoch 45 ocean rowing boat” with the following dimensions of 8.65 m X 1.80 m and a net weight of 750 kg. My team and I  (4 men and a woman) rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 51 days and 18 hours. This Atlantic crossing was a world record for a mixed rowing crew for the distance, and I became the first Greek ocean rower who  successfully crossed an ocean.

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