The world’s anthropomorphic institutions are starting to fall apart – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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The world that was created after the Second World War, plus the historical period that starts from the end of the 15th century and reaches the present day is ending. It is the period of absolute dominance of the white man, and the Eurogenic West. What we call European civilization, and European imperialism brought a lot of positive cultural elements, but also many negative ones. As long as the Eurogenic West including Russia and their geopolitical extensions to the rest of the planet dominated, they imposed the rules of the game, while the rest of the countries like Japan conformed to the data and specifications that the West wanted.

At present, things are changing to a great extent, but they are also changing because of the Ukrainian war, and this is because the Euro-Atlantic West trying to isolate Russia in a kind of obsession and anti-Russianism in the specific period of time (that is, they are trying to create a substitute for the crippled Russia of 1991) are trying to drag into their strategy and their dictates the Asian states whose economy and technology have strengthened enormously in the last 30 years. Therefore, it is up to the big Asian states how the global geopolitical system will evolve, and I believe these are the regulators today. Asian states do not follow the European West anymore. Instead, they are the ones who regulate the international system of the future according to their choices.

The larger geopolitical and economic framework that the West has been constructing for centuries is currently showing some signs of cracking. As an illustration, the US dollar’s monopoly is ending. There are already too many wounds and substantial chances of a collapse for the US currency. Because America was the world’s preeminent power until recently, the American dollar had an absolute worth. Even throughout the Cold War era, it was the West (led by the USA) and not the Soviet Union that enforced economic restrictions on the West and East blocks.

Yet, today things are changing and the dollar is falling. Also, the euro presents diminishing challenges because the EU does not have its own defense arm, it does not have its own unified nuclear arm, and it certainly does not have a coherent geopolitical identity. I believe that the EU exists simply as an extension or shadow of America and for this reason the Euro will also start to experience problems.

At the same time, the broader geopolitical identity of the Western world is under threat at all levels, such as at the level of the real economy (i.e. the products a state is buying and selling), but also at the level of the intangible state economy which in the last decades was what giving money to Europe. And the reason for this is that the Euro-born West is engaged in a civil war in Ukraine and that the Euro-Atlantic West is attempting to adopt a very twisted logic designed to win over the major Asian nations of China and India. Asians find the you’re either with me or you’re against me mentality incomprehensible and unacceptable.

Therefore, a pan-Asian design has been developed today in light of all the global paradoxes that exist and the stark contrast to the West. Take the first improvement in ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which Chinese influence is largely responsible for. If the war in Ukraine had not started and if Europe and America had not pressured China to act as an independent power pole and form this alliance with Russia and the nations of the Middle East and Asia, such diplomacy would not have seemed possible and would not have taken place. As a result, the world system is undergoing a significant mutation at this time, and economic issues are a sign of this mutation.

Therefore America and Europe seem to be losing their dominance on the world stage and this is because they have already made a series of mistakes which have cost them the game. If they persisted in their plan to reassemble the European powers and position Russia inside this framework, it might once more assert not only international hegemony but also global supremacy. Because of this, if the West persists in the logic of the Indo-European conflict while also being trapped in the paranoid belief that the Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Saudis, Iranians, and peoples of Latin America don’t exist or, if they do exist, are minor colonized nations, and that we can do as we please, we will inevitably adopt incorrect interpretations of reality that will negatively impact humanity.

 Georgios Ardavanis – 28/03/2023

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