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This is a brief report about my new book “ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE DNA IN APPLIED SYSTEMS.” This book published in December 2022, is 530 pages written in English, and is Copy-righted and released in France.

The goal of the book is to impart knowledge and experience to working engineers and project managers who are interested in technical excellence. Engineering project management issues, procedures, and processes are delegated in the book. It also includes exercises, case studies, and cognitive problems. Another objective of the book is to get management to stop suffocating engineers and impeding output. The book also helps engineers of all levels understand the responsibility of their contractual obligations while leveraging organized platforms and constrained resources to develop and create high-quality products on schedule and within budget.

You can order the book through my website :

The book is available in hard copy at 45 euros each including shipping costs. Also, it is available in eBook format at 10 euros per copy.

Engineering excellence requires a strong but healthy dose of ego and respect for the people on the firing line, along with a deep understanding of the nature of system technology and its procedures in various disciplines and platforms.

 I hope that you will enjoy the book.

 Georgios Ardavanis – 30/03/2023


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