Government policies and Corporate Kleptocracy make no sense – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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The main idea of this corrupt union of governmental and corporate power has led to corporate kleptocracy, a system of socialism for the wealthy, and violent and vicious capitalism for the poor in the Western world (USA and Europe).

It keeps us at war, provides benefits, or bails out banks while cutting millions of people’s welfare payments. The energy cost is rising, certain countries’ security is deteriorating, and the US and Europe are sending Ukraine hundreds of billions of dollars and euros. And the way to do that is by printing USD and Euros. In the USA, 10 centuries of money have been printed in the past 14 years, resulting in the current extreme inflation and increased prices of essential necessities for the underprivileged, such as food.  

It seems inappropriate. We must end corporate kleptocracy, hypocrisy, and influence in our governments. Is the West ready to give up (already started to do so) its survival, its prosperity and send its children to be killed for a corrupt society like Ukraine, where half of its population is Russian, and they want union with mother Russia?

Georgios Ardavanis – 25/04/2023

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