Thoughts about the Simulation Theory and Who is its Creator – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.) 

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According to the simulation theory, the entire universe is a computer-generated simulation. There may be conscious beings in this simulation who are unaware that they are in a simulation. The simulation hypothesis contends that rather than using a body of internally represented knowledge structured like a theory, individuals understand and predict mental states and behavior by using their cognitive abilities and mechanisms to simulate others’ cognitive processes.

Regarding the question of who is the creator of Simulation, some people say it’s ALIENS. In 2003, Nick Bostrom, an Oxford University professor, published a study on this topic. He believes it to be us in the future. He, therefore, believes that we are participating in an ancestral simulation. They might resemble our predecessors in some ways if we made a video game about ancient Rome. Others assert that God or pure consciousness exists outside of the matrix. Therefore, virtually all of the world’s religions—not just any particular one—have taught us that there is a world beyond this one and that the physical world is not the real one. So there you have it—another notion about what’s outside.    

We have a probability of being inside a simulation by more than 50%, according to a number of scientists working today. Specifically, numerous scientists investigated various religions and discovered that they were beginning to reveal the same truths about the nature of reality to us as current computer science and physics.

Georgios Ardavanis – 17/07/2023

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