The Darkness of the Ukrainian War and Their Effects on People – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.) 

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For the sake of the people, let’s be strategically intelligent and impartial. Would the United States ever permit Russian missiles to reach Canada, Mexico, or Cuba’s borders? Do you believe Americans would accept Russians attempting to topple the US government by entertaining the “Proud Boys,” “Black Lives Matter,” and every other opposition group they could conceive of within their embassy in Washington, DC? Would Americans accept Russians influencing the security and national interests of the USA? According to the Monroe Doctrine, the answer to all three of the aforementioned questions is categorically NO.

The legacy of the media has purposefully propagandized heavily during the Ukrainian War. In the Ukraine War, NATO members led by the USA encountered numerous conflicts between their own interests and those of the ordinary American people, regardless of their political leanings. The vast majority of Americans do not profit from this conflict, and the 1% of the arms business, or those with stakes in the outcome, are the real winners. Therefore, I’m attempting to make that distinction by illustrating what the American people (the average Americans) are dealing with, whether it be toxic chemicals being released into their communities as a result of the collapse of the infrastructure or trains derailing in small towns that are forgotten about or whether it be the knockoff effects of the knock-on effects of the lockdown still of remote—finding out where their children are falling behind in class. Therefore, the majority of people endure widespread inequality, and the top 1% earn enormous profits from the arms trade and dark war contractors. As a result of their affiliation with companies like West Executive Advisors, the majority of politicians and a select few at various levels have significant financial and material interests in the continuation of the conflict.


Today, unscrupulous contractors receive more than 50% of the US defense budget, and the US judicial system is unable to keep track of who benefits. The US Navy Secretary has been personally informed that the US is transferring so many military systems and weaponry to Ukraine that there won’t be any leftovers or enough to defend the US’s borders. Therefore, if you live in America, having this mentality is a heinous offense against the idea of national defense. Similar conditions prevail in Greece, where the government has undermined Greek defense by gradually demilitarizing its Aegean islands and sending Greek-owned armaments (purchased with Greek taxpayers’ money) to Ukraine, significantly impacting Greek protection against Turkey’s Expansionism. This national treasonous policy is done under NATO guidelines.   

In the meantime, as Russia’s war threatens to split the West, EU officials lambasted America over exorbitant gas prices, weapons sales, and trade. EU authorities have openly charged the Americans with profiting from this conflict while EU nations suffer. An unfortunate domestic agenda pursued by the US discriminates against its friends, is protectionist, and calls into question the NATO alliance.  

I am concerned about the Ukrainian problem, like everybody else should do, because it has resulted in a bloody conflict that the United States and its NATO allies are to blame for starting it. It is well known that American think tanks do not value human life. For instance, the late Madeleine Albright’s Albright StoneBridge organization claimed that it was worthwhile to let 500,000 Iraqi children starve to death as a result of the sanctions. If you are a war profiteer without a soul, it might be worthwhile. These behaviors are inappropriate for humanism and peace around the world.

This historical turning point will shape the next 50 years and won’t be favorable to the US empire and its global dominance. It should be permitted or encouraged for Ukraine to continue to stay neutral.  Because Russia views Ukraine, and in particular Crimea, as the absolute red line, the US and NATO alliance will probably be weakened. 

Georgios Ardavanis – 11/08/2023

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