2023, Rewriting the History of Humanity – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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Somebody will tell me that with all the current natural, social, geostrategic, and hegemonical problems who the fuck cares about aliens. There is so much more to worry about in this world. However, it appears that 2023 is the time to rewrite the history of humanity. February 2023 President Biden announces that the US has shot down three UFOs in one week. July 2023, former intelligence officer Davide Grusch speaks under oath in Congress that the USA possesses alien crafts and non-human intelligence beings that have been piloting these crafts for over 70 years. September 2023 in the Mexican Congress, they present 1000-year-old Ancient Aliens. To prove that they were real they conducted tests such as X-rays and digital tomography. 2023 is the year of the official disclosure of aliens and the rewriting of human history.  

Indeed, the news about aliens follows a strange cycle every few years. According to headlines in papers, talk shows, books (Erich von Daniken), and conspiracy videos, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been sighted. Then government organizations and scientists denied the claims, especially the US government and NASA. Then the Chicago O’Hare International Airport employees reported sighting an enigmatic item quietly hovering close to a terminal in 2006. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) brushed it off as a weather incident. Then, in 2014, several spinning saucers were reportedly seen by American Navy pilots. At the time, the American Pentagon made no comments. Later in 2021, an American Airlines pilot reported seeing what looked like a rocket flying over his plane. The FAA responded by stating that no such item was detected by official radars. There are a lot of theories that the US government in cooperation with other governments and political and religious centers are withholding alien knowledge from the public. And more people have started to think that these theories might be true in recent times as a result of admissions made by former government employees. The Bob Lazar case (a former scientist employee in Area 51)  is a good example. Another example is David Grusch, a former Pentagon employee who now describes himself as a whistleblower and who had worked on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, which came forth in 2023. He asserted that the United States possessed spaceship debris of “nonhuman origin.” Other government reports, such as a 2021 report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which didn’t deny UFO sightings but instead acknowledged there were many unanswered questions, supported Grusch’s claims that the US has been aware of alien aircraft for decades. Furthermore, let me state that according to George Knapp, (an American television investigative journalist, and news anchor), there is a chapter in a textbook used at the US Air Force Academy that reads that “In the course of your career as an aviator, you’re likely going to encounter one of these things, and here’s what we know about them….. Therefore, the American government is aware of the existence of extraterrestrials. Furthermore, as far as extraterrestrial existence is concerned, there are three shocking alien theories.

1.      The Zoo Hypothesis. What if extraterrestrial life forms are passively observing us like zoo animals? Our lack of touch with alien life may be the result of advanced species isolating us on purpose. John Ball, an MIT radio astronomer, claimed in 1973 that the reason we haven’t made contact with aliens isn’t because we’re unworthy; rather, it’s because we are deserving, just like endangered eels. Ball went on to say that we might reside in a celestial Eden or a figurative zoo. The galactic aliens have managed to set up the situation so that one-way bars are separating our planet from them; they can observe us, but we can’t observe them.

2.      The Unrecognizable Life Forms. Life on other planets might not be carbon-based or need water. Making them potentially terrifying and beyond our comprehension. They could be among us undetected due to our narrow definitions of life.

3.      The Dark Forest. This hypothesis contends that advanced civilizations conceal themselves from one another for fear of cosmic devastation if detected, drawing on the predatory nature of evolution. The cosmos is like a deep forest. Every civilization is an armed hunter prowling through the woods like a ghost, removing branches that are in the way with a gentle push while attempting to go silently. Even breathing is carefully controlled. There are sly hunters much like him everywhere in the forest, so the hunter must exercise caution. There is only one thing he can do if he discovers another life—another hunter, angel, or demon, a fragile infant to a tottering old man, a fairy, or a demigod—and that is to open fire and exterminate them.

Today, investigative journalists have reported that we know that four different alien races (Greys, Hopkinsville goblin, Little Green Men, and Nordic aliens) are visiting this planet, and they’ve been here for thousands of years.


Georgios Ardavanis – 19/09/2023


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