10 Images that will Teach you more than a Weekly Management Workshop – Georgios Ardavanis

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For those with a photographic memory, here are 10 images by Harsh Darji that will help you take action.

 1. Either you can build yourself or you can destroy yourself.

2. There are many challenging barriers in your way. Don’t let yourself become one of them.

3. Do it alone. You got this.

4. Growth is based on momentum. Keep moving.

5. Take that first step with confidence and trust that you will make sense of things as you keep walking.

6. Be happy that you showed up today. It has advantageous effects.

7. You learn more by doing and not by thinking.

8. Your moment is near. Be patient and tolerant.

9. Be who you are without apology.

10. Remain committed to the person you are developing into. Don’t give up.

Georgios Ardavanis  – 01/10/2023

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