People don’t perceive you in the same way that you do – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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The spotlight effect, a concept used in psychology, describes our propensity to overestimate how much other people consider or notice us. The truth is that nobody ever spends much time thinking about our problems or lives because everyone is too preoccupied with their own.

We often take the safe route out of fear of failing or rejection. We constantly tell ourselves things like, “I can’t do this,” “I’m not good enough,” or “There is too much competition.” Going after something that is unsettling, unpredictable, and challenging, in my opinion, shows courage and confidence. Therefore, if you have your guts set on doing something you firmly believe in, do it. Even if it doesn’t work, you tried. If you don’t try it will forever remain an unfulfilled dream. Don’t be reluctant to occupy space. Find the courage to firmly think that you belong in each and every space you enter. You are just as significant in that room as everybody else in terms of what you have to offer. Above all, keep in mind that confidence is a skill. It doesn’t occur quickly. Believe me, it takes time, and a lot of trials and failures. Small baby steps are used to gradually understand it. Making small-scale claims about yourself is not shameful. Work intentionally every day until you genuinely feel as though you belong in every space you enter.

Do the same for yourself as you would for others: think about your best skills, acknowledge your accomplishments, laugh at yourself, and don’t stop promoting your own thoughts. By shining a positive light, you make others around you feel stronger and more determined to follow you. Just keep in mind that you should occasionally serve yourself in the same altruistic manner that you serve others. You must take care of yourself in order to properly give the world your best.


Georgios Ardavanis  – 01/10/2023

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