Being Conservative Realist – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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International conflicts arise from insurmountable disparities of transnational interests rather than being a struggle between good and evil. In other words, Russia is attempting to protect its geopolitical and national interests, and the USA is a superpower attempting to hold onto its place in the globe. Therefore, if some in the West give up on the notion that Russia would suffer a military loss, the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and the rest of the globe will end. The war in Ukraine was an obvious error of Western hegemony.

It is unwise to use Ukraine—a nation renowned for its strong Nazi cores and its corrupt, unruly society, (Ukrainians sold to Hamas the newly received Western weapons), that is controlled by its wealthy anti-democratic elites—as an excuse for justifying the enormous sacrifices necessary for the deindustrialization, inflation, and economic depression of the West. Our politicians and the media bear a clear responsibility for the trillions of dollars that have been squandered in Ukraine, whether because of financial losses or in the form of financial help without any realistic chance of triumph. There must be a course correction.

The discourse from the West regarding Russians is to create a consensus culture that will eradicate all traces of Russia. Stated differently, a new world devoid of Russian culture. However, Russia is not the East nor the West. It has to be recognized that its civilization is Russia. I call it the Northern Civilization. It has a large area and a diverse population living in places where no one else could. No other country could live in such hostile weather and still be happy and healthy. Moreover, Russian civilization differs greatly from Western civilization. It is cooperative rather than competitive. As you realize, people go into a difficult mentality as soon as you leave big cities. People must support one another because death is the alternative. One cannot pass to someone in need of assistance. You must assist them. This is a universal truth. Because of this, communities are close-knit and cannot treat one another like strangers.

The Ukraine war is getting lost in the noise of the Hamas and Israel war and African uprisings. Indeed, it is universally acknowledged that something is happening that is detrimental to Ukraine. Due to the fact that Western Media News has stopped covering this war. It’s true that there isn’t much reporting anymore. Therefore, the war is not going well for Ukraine. There is hardly any coverage from the news agencies NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN, even in the USA. Do you remember a year or even a few months ago? Everybody could open his TV and watch all these great stories about the Ukrainian offensive or later about the great Ukrainian strategy and their spring offensive. Given that they encountered a major obstacle in the Russian defense, it appears that it either never happened or that it failed miserably.

Western governments with the assistance of the Media continue to escalate their propaganda warfare on everything and everybody, which today frequently targets the younger generations. Herein, governments deceive by making up historical facts. insulting cultures, the Orthodox Church, and other non-Western religious organizations without mercy. Check out how they are treating their citizens. Tearing apart families, normalizing pedophilia, and abusing children. They even attempt to forbid or scrutinize the core foundation of humankind—the family, which can only consist of a man and a woman. Millions of people in the West know that they are being led in the direction of spiritual destruction. To put it plainly, there is no saving these stupid Western elites. Nevertheless, responsible individuals have an obligation to protect our children from decay and degradation, regardless of this matter.


Georgios Ardavanis – 11/10/2023

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