About Civility – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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I wonder if there is any civility left over after political decency. It is, in my opinion, crucial that opposition parties and governments act civilly. They don’t, in my opinion.

Through civil rights, education, listening to the public, and upholding the law, governments should promote civility. Being polite requires talking since it makes other people more rational. But when civility is based on inequality and tolerance, it becomes quite brittle. In particular, growing income disparity and inequality pose serious risks to civility. One of the main proponents of the concept of civility was Adam Smith. He has always been adamantly in support of the idea that the capacity for barter and exchange—that is, for participation in society—is essential to the viability of capitalist economies. After all, large levels of human capital are necessary for society to be wealthy. Therefore, it’s critical to discover a way to lessen disparity.

The art of civility has become increasingly intricate, refined, and delicate. It isn’t flawless since there isn’t a single moral code that everyone adheres to. But being polite doesn’t make you feel better. However, it is the best human ability we have.


Georgios Ardavanis – 21/11/2023

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