Combating Urban Poverty – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.)

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The evil of poverty must be combated from several angles and in a range of industries. Programs for housing, social services, health, education, and other areas should be included. The mayor’s primary goal is to raise everyone’s standard of living, irrespective of their political or religious beliefs. To ensure that poverty disappears, everyone must put in a lot of effort. 

A “micro-project fund” and a “city poverty reduction program” that addresses the various requirements of the city’s residents must be established by every city. Beneficiary citizens may apply for a small stipend after completing their training in the city’s “micro project fund” and deciding to start small businesses. Additionally, community organizations may be given access to a block of money with the express intent of using it to provide microloans to city dwellers so they can launch small companies. Under such a program, these microloans typically have an interest rate of no more than 6% annually. Naturally, every project needs to be carefully examined.


Georgios Ardavanis – 21/11/2023

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