The German Revolution in 2024, and the issue of Digitalization – Georgios Ardavanis Ph.D.

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The German farmers have already begun their resistance (protest over the diesel tax) against the changes that their government wanted to implement in the country. In the meantime, the MEDIA is keeping low profile with no comments. They don’t want the people to see what is going on in Germany. The Germans are waking up and just not taking any more BS from their government. Farmers close the streets all over Germany as well as taxi drivers, truck drivers, and restaurant owners. The German people are resisting. What about the rest European states?  

What are the European governments going to do with Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030? What about digitalization in Europe? 

Digitalization it’s not just about money, it’s about our future. While we are distracted by wars, the end of financial freedom in Europe has begun. Let me explain: Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) said: The digital Euro is on the move. Recently, the Governing Council of the ECB approved the opening of the preparation phase. All European institutions will be involved to make sure that Europe is equipped with the currency of the future. But why is Europe pushing so firmly for the digitalization of the Euro? Well, it’s pretty simple, for more control.

The digital identity is not just a passport that you have on your iPhone in a digital form. It entails just about everything that the government would like to know about you. For example, recently in the Dutch Media, the CEO of one of the largest Dutch banks said: “Why don’t we start with the personal carbon credit?”

Total surveillance is the next step. Our EU leaders are following China’s steps. First digital euro, then carbon credits, and before you know it you have a social credit system “for your safety” of course.


Georgios Ardavanis – 10/01/2024

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