Political Criminals and Rats – Questions, Statements and Thoughts for Food – Georgios Ardavanis Ph.D. 

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1.       UN hypocrisy! How effectively did the UN body defend humanity and peace in the following cases:

a.       Second Iraq War.

b.       When the Russians claimed that 14,000 Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine were killed by Ukrainians in 2014.

c.        When Ukrainians burned Russian-speaking Ukrainian trade unionists alive in Odesa.

d.       Cancellation of two treaties of Minsk?

e.       When were nuclear-enriched weapons dropped on Yugoslavia?

f.         Mass annihilation of the Palestinians during the Israelis invasion of the Gaza Strip in 2023.

2.       NATO is an organization of defense. In this case why NATO wants to put nuclear weapons on Russia’s borders? What are they afraid of Russia? Why is there this frenzy against Russia?

3.       What is NATO’s objective today? If NATO’s objective is to safeguard its Allies’ freedom and security by political and military means, then why need to expand its dominion at the very Russian borders? When Russia is a hegemonic power too?

4.       Russian missile in Poland: Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda publicly stated that the missile that hit and killed Polish citizens in East Poland was Russian. However, the US and NATO said the missile was from Ukraine’s defenses.

5.       Nord Stream pipeline explosion: First, US Intelligence suggested that Russians sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines. Then Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a story alleging that the United States was behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline system in 2022, citing a source “with direct knowledge of the operational planning. The US Intelligence suggested Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines. Ukrainian government and military intelligence officials say they had no role in the attack and do not know who carried it out.

6.       Corrupted Ukraine and its undemocratic president: Zelensky’s Ukraine reveals that it is not the paragon of democracy and Western values that everyone seems to think it is. Ukraine is a deeply corrupt country with wealthy oligarchs playing the same role there as they do in Putin’s Russia. Using the war as an excuse, Zelensky has banned his political opposition and shut down all media not controlled by his regime. Therefore, why do the Americans and European people must go through economic and social hell to support with help a corrupted and un-democratic Ukraine? Would you sacrifice the lives of your sons for a lost and corrupt cause?

7.       Corrupted Ukraine and its oligarchs: The Ukrainian oligarchs who made it rich in the aftermath still dominate Ukraine’s political life today. They control the economy and the media, buy up judges and MPs, and maintain their parties and militias. Even the EU, which has been supporting its strategic partner Ukraine with funds and advisers for more than 20 years, concludes: “Oligarchs, high-ranking civil servants and corrupt prosecutors and judges are still dividing up the state among themselves, billions are disappearing abroad; Ukraine, with few exceptions, has made as little progress in building a constitutional state as it has in the fight against corruption.” This is how the Sueddeutsche Zeitung summarizes the special report of the European Court of Auditors (ECA) on “Fighting Grand Corruption in Ukraine” from September last year. In the meantime, the Ukrainian oligarchs changed their political orientation and international alliances as required.

8.       German and French leaders playing with peace: In an interview with the Zeit newspaper published on December 7, 2022, Merkel said that the Minsk Agreements were an attempt to give time to Ukraine. It also used this time to become stronger, as can be seen, today. The Ukraine of 2014-2015 is not modern Ukraine. According to the politician, it was clear to everyone that the conflict had stalled, and the problem had not been resolved, yet this was precisely what gave Ukraine valuable time. She expressed doubt that, at that time, NATO states would have been able to support Kyiv to the extent that they do now.

9.       Neo-Nazi problem in Ukraine: Ukraine is not the only country that must contend with a resurgent far right. However, Kyiv’s recent efforts to incorporate independent armed groups into its regular armed forces, as well as a continuing national sense of indebtedness to the militias for their defense of the homeland, make addressing the ultranationalist threat considerably more complicated than it is elsewhere. Some people claim that Ukraine is a hornets’ nest of fascists. According to Schaaf and the Institute Respublika, Ukrainian extremists are rarely punished for acts of violence. In some cases — such as C14’s January attack on a remembrance gathering for two murdered journalists — police detain peaceful demonstrators instead.

10.    How important is it to win a war in the media; US military analysts have long believed that the outcome of modern warfare depends not only on whose army wins but also on “whose story wins.”

11.    Are there fabrication stories in the Ukrainian war?  The US, Ukraine, and the West have made up several striking and provocative stories to defame Russia. For example, within hours of Russia launching its invasion, misleading videos of unrelated explosions were watched by thousands of people. The video of a Turkish drone strike on the Syrian army was described as a Russian tank being destroyed on a Ukrainian battlefield. The video of a Russian military exercise in April 2021 was fabricated as Russia shelling Ukrainian cities. The pictures of children wounded in Syrian air strikes in 2018 were fabricated as Ukrainian “children in pain.”

12.    US’ Hegemonic Narrative: In addition to “direct intervention,” American cultural hegemony also manifests as “media infiltration” and “a trumpet for the world.” The Western media, which is dominated by the United States, plays a significant role in influencing public opinion throughout the world in favor of American intervention in other nations’ domestic affairs. The Western international political discourse has created concepts such as the “Security dilemma,” “Thucydides trap” and “Kindleberger trap” for decades, which all served the same purpose – the continued stability of hegemony. However, there is a huge gap between concept and reality. The narrative of “peace” and “development” has never been absent in US statements, but it has become an illusion in the US pursuit of hegemony, and even become a tool to promote hegemony. Looking back on the 30 years since the end of the Cold War, the world could have enjoyed a promising “long-term peace,” but humanity has not enjoyed real peace and tranquility and is still experiencing ongoing conflicts and crises.

13.    What is Russia’s Hegemonic Doctrine? A political doctrine developed in Russia during the 1990s is known as the Primakov doctrine. It is assumed that Russia’s national security depends on its standing as a superpower and that, as a result, Russia cannot let the establishment of a unipolar world order be headed by the US. Russia’s hegemonic doctrine or the Primakov doctrine is centered on five main concepts: First off, Russia is seen as a vital player that conducts its own foreign policy; Second, Russia should work toward a multipolar world governed by a coalition of powerful nations; Thirdly, Russia should aim for Eurasian integration and dominance in the former Soviet sphere of influence; Fourth, Russia should be against the expansion of NATO; Fifth, Russia ought to work toward collaboration with China.

14.    What’s the future of US dollar hegemony? In just one and a half years since the outbreak of COVID-19, the US has printed nearly half of all the dollars in circulation over its more than 200-year history, leading the world to undertake pressures caused by inflation, turbulence, and bubbles that it should not have. The US dollar is not backed by gold. Main energy (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela…) and market powers (China, Russia, Africa, South America…) abandon or plan to abandon the US dollar. In this case, what do you think will happen to the USD?

15.    How fair is the use of the term “international order” by the Westerners: The US and the West regard themselves as spokesmen of the international community and are accustomed to labeling some countries with discriminatory labels such as “Evil Empire,” “Axis of Evil,” “Rogue State” and “Failed State” to distinguish the so-called “civilized self” from “the savage others.” While demonizing other countries, they regard themselves as the moral arbiter of the world (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Libya…); in front of the scenes, it is about “freedom and democracy,” and behind the scenes is the ambition of unending hegemony.

16.    Through deceit and fear, the Americans strengthen their hegemony; True or False? From Monroe Doctrine to Theodore Roosevelt who claimed that “every expansion of civilization makes for peace,” and to Joe Biden who touts “democracy” and “freedom” today, US elites’ generations after generations relentlessly sell the beacon of freedom as they expand territory and grab for hegemony, but at the same time they also hype up all kinds of fears. From the “barbarian fear” during the massacre of American Indians to the “Islamic fear” during the war on terror, from the “communist fear” during the Cold War to the “fear” of “China’s challenge to rules and order” today, all that the US wants is to profit economically and maintain its hegemony amid fears and chaos. Exaggerating “fear” reflects the anxiety of the US as a hegemon. In a strategic culture that is keen to “find the enemy,” the law of the jungle, the Cold War mentality, and the zero-sum game are always lingering in the minds of US politicians, and their sense of insecurity that US hegemony would be replaced and threatened is always lingering.

17.    January 6, 2021, Capitol Footage/Fox News: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had provided Tucker Carlson/Fox News with exclusive access to about 40,000 hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol to the dismay of committee members wary of the Fox host’s pushing of conspiracy theories surrounding the attack. Tucker Carlson/Fox News showed footage of protesters wandering through the halls of the Capitol to claim that “the video record” actually “demolishes” the idea that “January 6th was an insurrection.” While he said that there were “hooligans” who created havoc, the “overwhelming majority” were not violent.

18.    If the Russians wanted to finish the war, they could annihilate Ukraine to the ground. Why don’t Russians unleash their might on Ukrainians? Are there practical reasons or do some financiers set the parameters for a long-going war in the region?

19.    Why have the European governments’ female officials, who are millennial women, lost their feeling of fear of war?



Georgios Ardavanis – 18/01/2024

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