Wrecking NATO and the German economy – Georgios Ardavanis Ph.D.

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The entire world is resetting. The postwar system and world order are breaking down. Naturally, NATO will disintegrate one way or the other. Yet, the USA, NATO’s driving force, cannot be allowed to undermine Germany’s primary supply of inexpensive energy from the North Sea. The Biden government destroyed Nordstream. It was the largest industrial sabotage act in history, to start with. Second, the Biden administration was responsible for the greatest man-made CO2 emission in recorded history, which, to proponents of global warming, is akin to the devil himself visiting Earth. The attack on Germany, the most powerful nation in Europe, was the third and most significant. America recently assaulted its most significant ally, Western Europe, which is now its only remaining major ally. NATO cannot endure in the long run. The Germans will eventually realize that, although they had chemical plans two years prior, they no longer have them. America recently destroyed Germany’s economy. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I don’t see how NATO could survive after that and for how long, especially after losing the Ukrainian war, the recognition of an independent Palestine, and the establishment of the Silk Road from China to Europe.


Georgios Ardavanis – 27/01/2024

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