5th Generation Public Perceptions – Georgios Ardavanis (Ph.D.) 

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I’ve studied the history of the First, Second, and even the Cold Wars, but the technological improvements have made today’s world more complicated. I would like to go over what has happened in the near past. There was an assassination of a political candidate in Ecuador. Japan suffered the assassination of Shinzo Abe. Imran Khan of Pakistan was removed from his office and put in jail. In addition, everyone is aware of the difficulties President Trump is facing as a result of the continuous indictments. Given our current understanding of the events taking place across Africa, particularly in Niger, we can discern the commonalities among them. With their pawns and tentacles everywhere, it is the deep state and the elites of the world. We should therefore prioritize our domestic matters over the interests of the various hegemonic forces. However, things seem to be continuing much as they were. Because of the technology and the mental intensity needed to accept social conceptions, fighting in the fifth generation is becoming very interesting. Everything that happens at home is repeated throughout the world. People have lost contact with reality and their mental powers, along with their ability to reason clearly, as evidenced by new social ideas, social engineering, and the widespread leftist brainwashing. It is so easy to turn this deeply formed belief—that we all possess the biology required to do so—on its head and embrace actions that are harmful to our humanity from birth. I examine the trans agenda in its entirety and the impact it is having on our kids. We can argue the same for the rest of the world’s big cities, such as those in France or Germany, or anywhere else where the State Department and NGOs have their tentacles out, but when we look at the data sets and how this is growing, especially in our residential areas, you know, states that are smaller and don’t have such prominent big cities within them, you don’t have those trans agenda cases. They have agents and pawns with deep roots. Even while it may feel like we are fighting a global war, agents of influence in these domains have the power to affect the same kind of societal change that is covered by this fifth-generation conflict. This is so because these circumstances are handled by the same directors who also hail from the same power structure. Thus, we examine the elite globalists. They have agents all across the world, as well as those who have experienced uprisings or assassinations. At the moment, nations undergoing political upheavals are attempting to protect themselves from this kind of social engineering and communist brainwashing. The globalist elites are in charge, and the rest of us are just regular people attempting to protect ourselves against this kind of agenda that is permeating every part of the globe. Let’s discuss assassinations occurring worldwide. Kennedy’s US assassination seemed to be the final American assassination until recently. However, let’s consider what is currently going on with Donald Trump. Given that a physical assassination is far dirtier and more difficult to clean up, in that scenario, this political assassination is comparable to a physical one.

Currently, we have arrived at an anarcho-tyranny, where anarchy and devastation coexist, as a result of the constant barrage of crises facing our society, including religious terrorism, child trafficking, child maltreatment, antifascism, the LGBTQ community, fascism, corrupt governments, and corrupt media. I guess this anarcho-tyranny serves the interests of the globalist elites, who seek to destroy not only the family unit—which is central to both the Western and global fabric of humanity—but also every aspect of our everyday lives and our systems of self-government. Consequently, they are pursuing their ultimate goal of absolute world control by mercilessly attacking every aspect of life as we know it. The circumstances of the present, in my opinion, demonstrate that total hegemony and total control are the prerequisites for today’s anarcho-tyranny. Thus, President Donald Trump’s political assassination is nothing more than a ploy to intimidate the public into remaining silent and docile. As a result, a large number of people have been slain, intimidated, or physically or politically targeted. But I think we may still have an impact on assassinations occurring around the world. Some people today are fighting against the dominance of the global elite while also trying to defend their countries’ national sovereignty and rejoin the globalist elite that poses a threat to them.

The most stable family structures are those in which the essential core fundamental purpose of the family develop our children, future generations, and leaders. Their national identity is also seriously threatened since they have traversed the world and eliminated people who fervently defend a specific nation’s national identity. To further understand how it is driven towards collapse, let’s look at Greece as an example. What made them decide to attack Greece, then? due to Greece’s extensive historical, cultural, and societal ties to both the area and the global community. The Greek national identity is closely linked to certain historical events and advancements, as well as to their religion, which has strong roots in Orthodox Christianity.

The elites of globalism consider all of this to be extremely hazardous. They essentially want us to live in this identity-free, bland society, which is manageable if you don’t have a connection to the core values of your nation or family. I don’t mean nationalism in any negative sense; rather, I mean the nationalist instinct in all of its good connotations. It’s favorable. You are born with traditional values, and your family and your national identity are all fundamentally conservative, so it is very concerning if that is completely removed from you and removed from your inherent DNA. As I mentioned earlier, these are all aspects of conservative thought. For instance, Victor Orban of Hungary is the number one enemy of the elites and the EU establishment because he protects his nation’s borders and uses public funds to maintain the core of the Hungarian family. As a result, Orban goes above and above to support the citizens of his nation, which is why the elites and globalists regard him as their number one enemy. Therefore, you can be sure that there will be attacks of one kind or another everywhere you witness a strong sense of national identity and the nation’s core. Leading this charge are the USA, the State Department, and a number of these governmental agencies. Nonetheless, several NGOs serve as the globalist objective’s extended tentacles in every country. They are funded by the Open Society of Soros as well as the USDA. Furthermore, the globalist core encompasses a wide range of embassies, not only US embassies. They are funded by both the EU and NATO. Victor Orban is battling NGOs with great force.  He has expelled them from Hungary, just as he expelled Soros and all of his foundations. Nonetheless, they are present all over the planet. Right now, Africa is an interesting case. So, what is going on in Niger and throughout Africa, including the meeting between Putin and the African continent in Russia? A gathering that touched on BRICS issues. Only three African nations did not attend the summit, and those two were slightly distracted due to coups. Kenya was the only nation that I am aware of that did not attend. It is imperative that you understand that the entire African continent rejects the products that the West is trying to sell. Everyone else was either represented at the presidential level or the level of the foreign ministry. 

They are no longer buying the social engineering, the globalist American empire, NATO, or the European Union empire, nor are they buying the social engineering or Western promises. Marxism’s cultural brainwashing is also no longer appealing to them. Other societies, including those in Africa, are rejecting them. The fact that China and Russia are now stepping in to fill the void and asserting that we live in a multipolar world is extremely perilous for Westerners. Compared to what my generation and I remember as the Great American Empire, that reality is extremely different. As they watched, everyone knew that up until it stopped, the American Empire was exporting ideal things to the world—that is, war, bloodshed, and pillage. Thus, people aren’t buying anymore what the Westerners sell them.  

The secretive societies, the families, or whatever you want to name them behind all of these things that we see at the forefront, like the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, or the Trilateral Commission, cause the centers of power and wealth to begin dissipating. On that note, in the last few years, I have heard less and less about Bilderberg, which is very interesting to me. I remember several years ago, we were hearing and discussing a lot about this club. Now, I hear nothing about it. All the attention now is on the World Economic Forum. Therefore, the people who were part of the Bilderberg Group are certainly part of the World Economic Forum. The former  Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the European Union, the Vatican, the Washington and London hubs, and NATO are the extended hand of the globalist elite. NATO is the military hand of this power structure. There are certain structures of power in each one of those institutions and locations, and all of them control different things.  We must look at the whole system with the various institutions as a pyramid. However, the top of that pyramid could be more transparent. Therefore, you must track who is truly behind the World Economic Forum. Is Klaus  Schwab and his little pawn Yuval Harari, or are there more people behind it? I guarantee that there is a considerable power structure behind all of this. What we see at the forefront is for our consumption, but there’s so much more behind the scenes that most people cannot trace. Yet, the one thing we must always do is follow the money. Who is funding this, and where does the money come from?

When you consider that kind of global power and the tilting of the power skills and what the globalists are threatened by, the situation becomes intriguing. Thus, Russia is currently retracing its old Russian imperial course. Russia is no longer the communist nation we used to associate with the former Soviet Union. Indeed, they have evolved. The globalists are currently threatened by having to face a non-globalist entity, Imperial Russia. Then we look at China. China has included almost everything within its communist platform. The Chinese have taken all the capitalist elements and turned them against the Westerners, while in the West, we have developed the kleptocracy and oligarchy running our lives today. So, the scales have tipped completely, and things have turned around, and things are not working out for the Westerners the way they used to because then the USA was the sole Global power. The USA is not anymore the sole global power. Thus, the new geostrategic and socio-economic vacuum is being filled by China and Russia. In addition, these two mega powers are also filling the vacuum in Africa, and Latin America. However, because Europeans love to shoot themselves in the foot there is a good possibility to begin a war in the European continent. Therefore, what is very dangerous at this point for Westerners is that Russia and China are now filling the vacuum, stating that we live in a multipolar world now. That world looks very different from what my generation and I remember as, let’s say, the Great American Empire. Everybody was looking at it, knowing that the American Empire was exporting perfect things into the world until they were not, and until they started exporting war and bloodshed and pillaging.  Thus, people aren’t buying anymore what the Westerners sell them.  


It is puzzling that several countries and organizations (USA, UK, NATO) have brought up the use of tactical nuclear weapons in modern times. Nuclear bombs and tactical nuclear weapons are not the same thing these days. Compared to, say, a single little area, they cover a much larger area. Their goal is to destroy humanity. You watch America, you watch China, and you watch Russia. China and Russia are gaining more supporters while the United States is losing supporters around the globe. Moreover, Westerners are used to battling against countries that are unable to defend themselves. After all, up until now, Westerners have fought Wars mostly with joysticks. The armed forces of the United States and NATO were superior to those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. However, because Westerners are not familiar with Russia’s fighting machine, they have viewed Russia’s restraint and caution in responding to the situation in Ukraine as a weakness. This, in my opinion, is a grave error that could have severe consequences for both humanity and the environment. That they are discussing limited-scope conflicts is absurd. These days, nuclear devastation is a real possibility, restricted or not.

Currently, the Europeans are in a difficult situation because they understand the great risk if they invade Ukraine like Poland planned to do, they can be sure that they will be the first target for nuclear armaments from Russia. The Americans and the Brits (especially in Europe plus extensive stirring up trouble in the Balkans) apply heavy intelligence that has been perpetuating the Russia, and Trump scandals. The adage “if you see two fish fighting on the bottom of the ocean, you know the U.K. Intel is somewhere around the corner” applies to everything that occurs in the world. Sometimes we forget, but the Brits are doing a lot of work here, and when you tie that to President Trump, who poses a serious threat to them financially, you’ll find that the U.K. is heavily involved in this as well. Today the Brits are the ones responsible for the current unrest in Kosovo. U.K. intelligence is pushing for the war to return to the Balkans because things are not going well in Ukraine. Therefore, I believe that the Brits are also heavily involved in what is happening in Africa. Today, the new centers of power are not completed yet. These centers of power are not in just one place. Depending on what they are in charge of, they are distributed. For instance, there are the EU bureaucrats in Brussels, the manipulated judiciary component, and the intriguing link between Kosovo and Serbia in the Balkans. Regarding the manipulated judiciary the Hague is home to Jack Smith, the prosecutor now handling President Trump’s case. Jack Smith was prosecuting a war criminal from Kosovo because he wanted to humiliate President Trump in some of the Balkan prosecutions. This is by no means an endorsement of this person. Jack Smith is that globalist’s Judiciary element’s extended hand. He made President Trump seem bad, and as it happens, he is now the prosecutor, so there are a lot of moving parts involved.  They are presumably funded and led by unknown elites, families, or whatever you want to name them, but considering what they control, they are spread out in various places. For a long time, I therefore believed that, for example, the Vatican could be trusted with the religious portion, NATO could be in charge of the military, Washington, DC, could be in charge of the political apparatus, and London could be in charge of the financial side. As a result, although the centers of power are dispersed, they are all controlled by the same entity. It’s anybody’s guess after you reach that peak of the pyramid. Another person that people should look at is Christine Lagarde (president of the European Central Bank since 2019). If you look at all the many things Lagarde has done, you kind of wonder what it is that she is doing. 

Another big issue in today’s agenda is what’s happening in Taiwan, which is almost exactly the opposite of what’s happening on the geopolitical stage, and what’s happening in the European theater, I suppose you could call it that way. Although I understand that the players are different, it feels a lot like the kind of two-front war we saw during World War II. When I look at this whole thing, I get the chills that this is something much more significant when I look at conflict globally. I hate to break the bad news, but sometimes conflict is the only way to purify, even though this is not a widely held belief. Of course, we all make every effort to avoid conflict at all costs, but diplomacy can only go so far before it breaks down, and then you have war. The fact that we are inching closer and closer to an internal conflict is what is frightening us on the inside. The objective will be what the USA looks like in five or 10 years, depending on what we do, as I don’t believe that external powers pose a threat to the USA. The aim, in my opinion, is that the people are being purposefully drawn into a fight. As a result, the world’s powers want the fight to end. There will only be one or both of the two possibilities. In these countries, we, the people, shall triumph on all fronts. We are going to rid ourselves of the globalist elites who will stop at nothing to force conflict.  Conflict, in their view, is the ultimate collapse of the power structure they can subjugate and eventually rule through their players. Thus, that is the situation I anticipate about China. Now, let me consider the following: Do Americans wish to engage in any way with Taiwan? Is it really what’s best for America? Sincerely, I don’t believe that China poses a threat to Westerners, although I do recognize that some people may disagree with me but I don’t know to what extent. The West does not need to see China as a military threat. The Western economy is entirely under the grip of China. People don’t realize that we have an outside well, but if you look at how America plans things, we budget for things like a four-year administration or perhaps an eight-year administration if lucky. China has long-term plans that gradually encroach on our lives. However, given the current situation, can we say that China is to blame for everything? Our governments have outsourced everything to China, and they have robbed the middle class of the power that keeps our countries alive. I would argue that because Americans have caused this to themselves, things are the way they are. China has not caused any harm to Americans. Can we blame China for seizing control of this situation and for essentially doing what we are allowing China to do, which is to serve them with this on a silver platter? Of course, they will seize control of the situation and use it to their advantage—who wouldn’t?—given what Americans have allowed with Kissinger and all these other individuals. However, Americans weren’t as cunning as people claimed; instead, Americans planned four or five, let’s say eight, years ahead of time, depending on how Americans might set up a specific presidential administration. China is, in my opinion, not just a global power but also a global civilization. You have to look back at what China has done historically to demonstrate its ability to plan, and that is exactly what they are doing to us now. As a result, we are currently being overrun without a shot being fired, and we are regrettably to blame so that everyone can take advantage of it. China is filling those economic voids in Latin America as well as America, as I mentioned earlier. In Africa, they are occupying a void. They are filling the void in Europe because, as Americans here fail to realize, China is building so much infrastructure there—all of Europe’s roads, factories, and investments in the so-called new Silk Road—and that’s precisely what they’re going to use to, well, enslave the world economically. Whether that’s enslavement or not is a whole other discussion, but let’s get back to some of these components. I’m not I realize I’m bouncing back and forth, but I think the difficult part is that there are so many factors at play here. What I want to say about China is that it is, let’s say, economically overpowered America. Furthermore, when I consider international affairs and the efforts being made to undermine 


One final thing: there are those primary investment vehicles such as BlackRock, and Vanguard, and if you look at them, I’m curious: whether those companies and those investment groups have gotten so big that today they have become more of a power structure mechanism that serves certain interests. In parallel, I look at just the kleptocracy and the oligarchy in the way it operates as a beast by Nature. It tends to absorb everything else so yes people can think of it in those terms, however what I think we all want to know well but who is behind them because even when you look at who is in front of BlackRock and Vanguard yes for our consumption, there are some faces that we see who are also part of that permanent bureaucracy. We can also look at Big Pharma being a part of it. So for us, for our domestic purposes, it was Dr. Fauci, who was the face of that permanent bureaucrat behind those power structures again without getting into that whole like we’re being conspiracies, but we’re not. We’re critically thinking. You know, people have always mentioned certain families throughout history. There are certain families, and I won’t list them, but you know who I mean?
Finally, I believe that politicians should have a limited term of up to eight years. It makes no sense to have political representatives in the swamp for 30 to 40 years, like Dianne Feinstein (she is dead now), Mitch McConnell, and Joe Biden. Also, there shouldn’t be dementia patients in the political structure. However, aside from the elected officials, we have this completely unelected bureaucracy that is ingrained in our political core of life and globally. Nobody elected these people at the World Economic Forum; nobody elected anybody else anywhere we have mentioned throughout this conversation, and therefore how do we get rid of those people? How can we still believe in our Democratic process and the voting system? We’ll vote some people out. How do we get rid of these unelected bureaucrats? That’s the final battle we must figure out how to fight. 

Georgios Ardavanis – 15/05/2024


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